How to work your arms and abs in 10 minutes

Lowered Plank: Hold for 10-20 seconds, then rest in an extended arm (traditional) plank position. Complete 3

Three Way Plank: Start in plank position on fore-arms. Hold each plank for ten seconds

Three Way Plank: Rotate your body to the left arm. Keep hips up and feet stacked. Hold for ten seconds before rotating to starting position

Three Way Plank: Rotate from starting plank to the right arm. Hold for ten seconds. Complete ten full rotations before going to down dog, then start on the right side and do ten more.

Down Dog Leg Extension: Start in Down dog

Down Dog Leg Extension: Tuck leg and head inward so back is curled and forehead touches knee. Hold, the extend leg

Down Dog Leg Extensions: Extend leg upward and straighten neck. Legs should be at 90 degrees with one another. Hips should be even. Hold and complete 10 per side.

Plank Tucks: Start in plank on fore-arms. Tuck leg under and rotate towards opposing arm. Torso should twist here. Hold, then extend leg straight. Complete ten per side

Plank Rolls: Start in lowered plank position with toes bent and weight on the balls of the feet.

Slowly roll forward so you are on your tip toes and your body has moved forward about 2 inches. Hold and roll back to starting. Complete ten

Push-ups: Complete 3 sets of at least 10 push-ups. Go into down-dog for 10 seconds between each set. If needed, you can do cheaters.

Once complete, go into down dog for at least 30 seconds. Do as many complete sets as you desire :)

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